martin matthews in art

Martin graduated in 1973 from Manchester University, De La Salle College and began his teaching career, teaching Art in Manchester (St John Southworth School, Collyhurst, Manchester) and upon moving back home to Lanchester, taught Art for a short period at English Martyrs School, Leadgate, Co Durham.
After leaving teaching and joining the family business, he continued to paint, mainly for personal pleasure, but also received through his increased success as a musician, several design commissions for Album Record Sleeves. Throughout his preoccupation with performing and recording traditional music, (see music biography), he continued painting and several commissioned works are now held in private collections in Spain, Ireland, Canada and Britain.
Artists Statement:
The texture of a piece of work has always been as important to me as its composition. The use of colour and the ability to execute a dynamic portrayal of atmosphere is an essential element, in bringing the viewer with you on your own visual journey. To that end, I feel that my use of brush, roller and pallet knife, heavy oil, acrylic and industrial paint is absolutely necessary to enhance colour, exaggerate shadow and gain atmosphere.
Creating depth in two dimensions has always been difficult, but the extensive testing, scanning, colour evaluation and focus exhibited by the team of reproducers at Frame House, Consett, has left me genuinely confident that the giclee prints they have made of my original artwork, have truly captured the essence of the original.
As can be seen at the exhibition, many of the paintings on display are quite large.
I was concerned that their scale, and their composition would not successfully translate to a smaller format, however, I feel that, the images selected, have fully justified their inclusion as limited edition prints. They may not have that original scale, but in shrinking down to a more domestic and manageable size, they have, I think, gained a higher degree of intensity.
The music on the CD which accompanies this exhibition has, with the exception of those marked*, been wholly composed, and performed by me. Each piece is linked in a quite specific way to each painting on show. This association between music and image, I hope will accentuate drama and atmosphere. Imaginative use of tempo can dynamically change atmosphere. By the placing a specific regional style of music geographically with a specific image, the association between music and image is reinforced. Sometimes the association can be simple, sometimes more obtuse. It can be the triggering of personal and musical memories which combine to evoke a specific time and place. The connection often may be the weather, the way a particular season affects light and shadow and how that, in turn, is reflected in the instrumentation and mood of the music.
I hope you enjoy the images and music, and I look forward to making more pictorial and musical collaborations in the future.